Iraqi Pigeons

Iraqi Tumblers  & Other Breeds 

Hellow My Name Is Hussein Roomy  im a 3rd generation pigeon breeder I breed Iraqi Tumblers and Other Breeds


The Iraqi Tumbler is a Decendent of the Turkish Coop Tumbler

In Iraq breed requirements vairy  The pure Iraqi Takla Tumblers That are brought to the usa  by Hussein Fathel & Hussein Darweish Two well Known Breeders from Sumawah Iraq their have been others but thise birds have flown 8hr and max out to 12+hr  and tumble and met the Standerds Unlike Turkish Tumblers performance,color,sand shape are One birds must have all Three this is vary importiant to know All 

Colors:Solid Black , Solid White , blues come in checkered,bars,sperads ,spread being the favord,Dun,come and many diffrent shads and viraties to many to list , and Birds Shoudn't have Splashs of white ,white flights ,or white on the tail fathers  

Head: Many shapes Round is the most found ,

 Eyes Pearl the light the eye color the better Black eyes is most for white Iraqi pigeons  

 Tail : the longer the better  should be round at the edges  12-16 tail Feathers are accepted some rare  breeders keep some up to 18 to 22 tail feathers

Muffs: most not pass the toes of the bird boots arw accepted by most breeders





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The Lout

Another Iraqi Breed I have .Origin in Basrah Iraq these Birds Spin to one side than back to the other These birds are Very Expensive in Iraq and the persian Gulf region these birds are flown in high winds from 30km per hr -65km per hr the come in all colors and patterns unlike the Iraqi Tumblers

Zubarii (iraqi Crested Tumblers)

Zybarii pigeons are all so fron sumawa Iraq

The are like Iranian tumblers but with full crest  but fly and preform like the Iraqi and Turkish tumblers.

the come in mostly three colors all white ,all black ,and black and white veriations.


Iraqi Reds

Iraqi Reds are pigeons from Bagdad they are a flying show breed the have great homing abilty and are used in pigeon wars  the come in Four  accepted colors  Red, Yellow ,Black,and  Blue bar  the Also have   white markings on the headthe amount of wihite varies form a few spots on the head to whole head and chest best bird is to have a only a white line coming down the forhead Iraqi Reds have Muffs meanfing  feathers on their legs and crested Iraqi Reds are the most prised birds   but some do turn out mostly white  those are called berangi meang mostly white






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